Koen Castermans

Koen Castermans

Full Stack Web Developer with a passion for the front-end

In my internship and first job at Dovetail I started out as a front-end web developer and slowly evolved into a full stack web developer. This allowed me to gain experience across the full stack of web development. In the coming future I want to focus on and specialise in the front-end part of web development, because that is what I enjoy the most.


Overview of relevant education.

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Advanced CSS and Sass

In 2018 I took this course on Udemy to gain more knowledge and practical experience with CSS.

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Professional Scrum Master 1

At the beginning of 2018 I took part in a 3 day training of Scrumit to learn more about Scrum and completed the official Professional Scrum Master I certification shortly after that.

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Bachelor in Applied informatics

I started this bachelor at PXL University in 2014 and graduated on 1 July 2017.

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Master Electron

In 2017 I took this course on Udemy to gain more knowledge and practical experience with Electron.

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Complete JavaScript course

In 2017 I took this course on Udemy to gain more knowledge and practical experience with JavaScript.

Work Experience

My work experience since my graduation.

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Web developer at Dovetail

From July 2017 until July 2021 I worked as a full stack web developer at Dovetail.

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Web developer internship at Kabisa

From February 2017 until June 2017 I did an internship at Kabisa as a web developer where I added a new functionality to the iPaaS product called Dovetail.

Development experience

The experiences I've gained during my development carreer that are technology related, but also some that are not technology related.


  • HTML
  • CSS: Sass, Bootstrap, BEM, modules, flexbox, grid
  • JS: ECMAScript, Coffeescript, TypeScript
  • UI: React, Backbone, Marionette, jQuery, Angular
  • Testing: Karma, Cypress
  • Tools: Webpack, Parcel, ESLint, Prettier, GatsbyJS, Docusaurus, Electron


  • Ruby on Rails: REST API, MVC, haml
  • Node.js: REST API, Express
  • Apache Karaf: OSGI, Apache Camel
  • Spring Boot: REST API, MVC, Thymeleaf
  • .NET: c#, MVVM, Xamarin
  • Storage: MongoDB, MySql, Elastic Search
  • Message brokers: Apache ActiveMQ, RabbitMQ


  • Docker
  • Ansible
  • Terraform
  • AWS
  • CI: Jenkins, GitHub Actions
  • Server management


  • Agile workflow: Scrum
  • Internship supervisor
  • Customer support

Side projects

Some of the side projects I made to learn new stuff. You can find more on my GitHub profile.

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Simple monthly budget app

Simple app made during a JavaScript course on Udemy. Source code: GitHub repository.